Development in Health Care and Research through the EPC/GDV-Technology

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The development of new technologies has always led to a better understanding of our environment and of our reality. Today, using the EPC/GDV Technology we are able to study energetic properties and phenomena in the Human body in addition to the pure physical level.Thanks to the dedicated work of mainly Russian scientists under the guidance of Professor Konstantin Korotkov at the St. Petersburg State University, we have now access to high-quality EPC/GDV Cameras that facilitate reproducible analysis of bio-energy fields applying a combination of modern optical devices, computer technology and software design.

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Various Application Areas for Bio-Energy Field Measurements with EPC/GDV-Bioelectrophotonics

  • Health State Analysis within a few minutes
    The EPC/GDV Technology measures and analyses the Human energy field (bio-energy field) and calculates parameters of physiological and psycho-emotional functional reserves of the measured person. This analysis allows directly evaluating the effect of different influences on the Human body from therapy or healing work as well as from wellness and fitness applications.
  • Evaluation of performance reserves of athletes
    For application of the EPC/GDV Technology in the area of sports a special GDV Software Module for analysis of physiological and emotional performance reserves of athletes during training and competition was developed. This technology is now used at Olympic Training Centers of the Russian Federation.
  • Measuring energetic properties of materials and geo-active zones
    The high sensitivity of the EPC/GDV Technology facilitates measuring even minor changes in energetic properties of different materials, of spaces and of buildings. This technology can be applied in areas where traditional measurement techniques are unable to show any significant differences due to their limited measurement range.

EPC/GDV Cameras, Software, Education and Services from one competent partner

Besides high-quality EPC/GDV Cameras and a comprehensive software package we offer professional training for use of the EPC/GDV Technology in various areas of application. Our service offering further comprises sales of new and used devices, provision of studies at your premises or in our office and moderating a growing network of EPC/GDV Specialists. We also develop new lines of research using the EPC/GDV Technology.

Get in touch with us in order to learn more how the EPC/GDV Technology can make your work even more successful for your customers and clients by proving and documenting the results of your efforts with modern technology.

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